IT Automation Center of Excellence (CoE)

Your team can build and share IT automation solutions with expert coaching.

Business Benefits

Leverage the experience of seasoned enterprise IT executives without the full-time commitment or costs. Just saying Automation Center of Excellence is a lot. Get IT industry leadership to help setup Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and data analytics automation to ensure both short-term and long-term success.

Empower your team with new skills so they can build their own RPA bots and data analytics solutions. They can translate their business knowledge into automation. Those solutions either serve as input for building a larger solution or go directly into a community library.

Automation cannot be done without code, even if built by a low-code platform by business users. Standards for acceptable coding practices must be followed to ensure security, compliance, and performance of production solutions.

Let’s Make Automation Work For You

5 Rivers Automation will deliver valuable solutions for you with Robotic Process Automation, Data Analytics Automation, and Automation Center of Excellence.

“To code, or to low code, that is the question”
Let us deliver the right IT automation for you!

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