About Our Team

5 Rivers Automation is an Indiana based information technology company delivering right sized automation solutions to both large enterprises and SMB companies.

We are a minority business entity (MBE) registered with the state of Indiana.

The entire team stays hands on and current with technology because we love what we do and find our work rewarding. We strive be automation experts, modernize work, and grow tech talent.

Our mission is to humanize work.

Be Automation Experts

Understand RPA and data analytics automation at an industry leading expert level. Use our knowledge and experience to find the right sized solution for our customers, both large enterprises and SMB companies.

Modernize Work

Give people time back by freeing them from repetitive low value tasks with RPA and empower them to make better decisions with data analytics automation. Fix the work/life balance with that time and modernize the workplace.

Grow Tech Talent

Teach RPA and data analytics automation low coding to create new tech career pathways. Expand possibilities for people entering the workforce and for people needing a change in their career.

Core Values

We love to overcome challenges and solve problems. It pushes us to maximize the value we deliver to our customers. It pushes us to prove we know automation technology at an industry leading expert level.

We win when our customers win. We achieve the best results today while building a solid foundation for future success. This happens because we commit to staying on the leading edge of automation technology.

We want work to be meaningful for everyone. Our team has the freedom to do what is needed to deliver valuable solutions. Our solutions extend that freedom to our customers so they can focus on their core business and high value work.

We build long lasting relationships with our customers and vendors based on mutual respect. Everyone in the relationship brings value and is trusted to deliver their part of the solution.

We prioritize high quality deliverables. It leads to better performance and reliability both today and in the long run. We will be there to resolve any issue and to enhance solutions to meet new business challenges.

We boost our clients to get more sales

Explaining 5 Rivers

Flow Like Water

Water comparisons are often used to describe information technology data. Like a naturally flowing river, our automation solutions unleash the intrinsic value of your business data and empower your people.

Five Data Domains

Automation acts on data. We divide our automation solutions into five data domains – acquisition, frontend integration, backend integration, presentation, and intelligence.

Land Of Five Rivers

We are proud of our hard work ethic reflecting our Hoosier and Punjabi influe